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My Projects

Some hacks here and there. 

Research Interests


Terrestrial Impacts of Spaceweather

It involves study of effects of Spaceweather on technology systems. I’ve dedicated over 4 years in the study, apart from my coursework. The research involves the development of a model which can be used to shield/warn technology during harsh Spaceweather conditions. Two papers under this domain concern with satellite communications modelling and recently contributing towards the Solar Shield project by Dr. Antti Pullikenen, GSFC-NASA which aims to shield power grids from possible GIC effects to implement in India. 


Automated Mechanical Systems  

I also have extensively worked on embedded systems including design of various mechanical systems. One major project was carried out in TechnOArc Projects, a local startup; which involved prototyping of a humanoid robot.  Apart from these, an automobile project was developed for security forces, which was my undergraduate thesis work. Most of this research work has been done under the guidance of Dr. S. Bagde, YCCE and involved a development of FMS automated system in the laboratory.      



  • Sangludkar S., Khandagale A.(2014) ‘Controlled Mobile Platform for Service based Humanoid Robot’ International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research – 2014; Issue 3 Volume 2, ISSN 2278014.

  • Khandagale A., Gupta G. (2012) ‘An Alternative Communications Model for Harsh Spaceweather’ IEEE Xplore, ISBN 978-1-4673-4687-0.

  • Khandagale A., Gupta G. (2011) ‘Communication Blackout: Causes and Measures’ International Journal of Advanced Engineering Sciences and Technology. Issue 3 Vol 1, pg 050-051, ISSN 22307818. 

  • Khandagale A., Sangludkar S. (2011) ‘Hybrid Two Wheelers for Indian Roads’ International Journal of Advanced Engineering Sciences and Technology – 2011; Issue 3 Volume 1, pg 046-049, ISSN 22307818.



  • Poster on ‘Great Indian Power Failure: Need of GIC study’ International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (STP13), held at Xi’an, China (2014).

  • Paper on ‘An Alternative Communications Model for Harsh Spaceweather’ at IEEE AESS European Satellite Telecommunications Conference, held in Rome, Italy (2012). 

  • Poster on ‘Study of Seismological Effects due to Solar Activity’ International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (STP 12), held at ISSER, Pune, India (2012). 


  • E-Trotti Wheelchair. Advisor: Mr Yohann, MyHumanKit for STEAM Fabrikarium by Maker’s Asylum and BonjourIndia. [Link]

  • Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Steering for LCV. Advisor:Prof. Vipin Khangar - Masters’ Project at GHRCE, Nagpur. [Link]

  • Development of Low Cost Exoskeleton for PwD.  Advisor:Mr. Arun Cherian for EnableMakeathon by ICRC, Geneva.  [Link]

  • Design and Fabrication of a Light Combat Vehicle. Advisor:Prof. Vipin Khangar - Undergraduate Project at GHRCE, Nagpur. [Link]

  • Design and Development of a Humanoid Robot.  Advisor: Mr. Shrikant Sangludkar. 

  • Analysis of Breakdown Factors and Time study of Laser & Plasma Cutting Machines. Advisors: Mr. Ajay Singh and Mr. Sachin Hase. Internship Study Project at JCB, Pune. 

  • Low Cost Automation Machines. Advisor: Prof. Sachin Bagde - Research Project with YCCE, Nagpur under TechnOArc Projects.  [Link]

  • Communicating Robots using DTMF and 8051µC. Advisor:Mr. Pankaj Bande - Research Project LARE, Mumbai. [Link]

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