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Core Expertise 

  • Systems Design: Being multifarious in nature helps me define overall systems design while also looking into minor parts of the design. A big picture thinking lets me connect dots across the canvas, which might seemingly look unrelated. It allows me to design and define business strategy, build frameworks or design products.  


  • Problem Solving: I have a knack to find problems and try out different solutions to overcome them. I was trained while building a course for senior managers by Mr Suresh Lulla, Qimpro - also known as the Father of Indian Quality. I use different tools like Pareto, 80/20, Design Thinking and Critical Thinking to figure out solutions to complex problems.  


  • Process Planning: I love building processes and automating tasks. I actively toy around with software tools or generate methods which can simplify repeat tasks for  replication / growth. I use this personally and to consult businesses for growth or product planning. 


  • Documentation: While I hate writing and documenting things, I seem to have a natural skill to do it very well. I hate the process but enjoy the outcome. I’m creative and have borderline OCD to make documents look clean formatted and beautiful in design. I keep getting inspiration from several business reports. 

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